Documentation of features of InlinEdit

Plugin use

The plugin is to be used as below:

$jQuery_Element.inlinedit(<param 1>)


  1. f [function, required]: Function to be executed on input


File format

Mime type: text/plain


To store rich text in InlinEdit the following syntax is used:

  • *Italics*
  • **Bold**
  • __Underline__
  • --Strikethrough-- (Single hyphen should be able to be used without trouble)
  • `code`
  • _Subscript_
  • ^Superscript^
  • [Link](<url>)
  • [(c)Colored text](c:<color>)
  • [(b)Text with background](b:<color>)
  • [(s)Text with font size](s:<px>)
  • [(f)Text with font](f:<font>)
  • * Unordered list item
  • <any digit>. Ordered list item
  • cell 1a|cell 1b
    cell 2a|cell 2b
    (This is a table)
  • # Header level 1
  • ## Header level 2


  • Escaping characters is not yet possible, but will be worked on